(Windows 7 only)

What is a theme

A theme is a thing which will give you a better visual interface without much hardships. It is a easy and simple way of enhancing the coolness of your PC. Zetro is one such theme which will help you in enhancing the beauty of your PC. It gives a great looks but no transparency(IE it is not an aero theme). 

Where to download zetro

To download zetro, click on this link

What is zetro

Zetro is mainly used to get a Windows 8 like look in Windows 7, now that Windows 8 is out, you'll find that getting Windows 8 itself is much easier than all this hassle. I'd simply recommend buying the OS itself, or trying a customization pack sort of think. You can follow this link if you want to get Windows 8 look free in minutes.

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