Windows 7 Gadgets

In this post, we'll take a look at the best gadgets around that can be used with Windows 7 (and 8 too).

Hanging Note

This gadget does what it says, nothing more, nothing less. A cool interface to store some text. Just click and type. Use to mouse to re-size. Simple as that. Nothing too complicated or spectacular, but it will serve your needs.

Gadgets Pack

:bulletorange:This is standalone version of the author's previous gadgets pack.

:bulletgreen:Instructions :

:bulletblue:Install with setup.

:bulletblue:It may take some time to start as there are no. of gadgets.

:bulletgreen:Requirements :

:bulletblue:Windows XP/Vista/7

Aero Gadgets

Three gadgets in four colours. 
-just drag/drop the folders of the gadgets in "program files\windows sidebar\shared gadgets

In the next post we'll talk about rainmeter and rainmeter gadgets.


  1. Hi Shashwat,
    Thought I might throw this out there. Best not top use gadgets, they have pretty serious security flaws. I don't recommend using them.


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