Cool Background Pic

Cool Background Pics

Here are a few very very cool, beautiful, awesome, lovely, abstract and attractive background pics for you. Use them as your wallpaper. The best part is, you probably won't find them anywhere else on the net, I made 'em up myself, with my old Samsung Corby Pro's Picture editor.

Cool Awesome Desktop Background
This is the pic in blue. It will serve as a pretty amazing background for your pc.

Mystery cool 1080p square wallpaper
This is a pretty HD wallpaper. Sort of mystical too. Figure out what it is?? Huh. I myself don't know either, even though I made it.

Now how to download this, right click and click save (click for full screen enlarged view)
Link1 Link2 (Some surveys you'll have to go through, pays for the efforts)

For More Wallpapers, go to bestwallpapers


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