"According to YourDictionary, plagiarism is defined as “copying or stealing someone else’s words or ideas and claiming or presenting them as if they were your own.” However, within this definition there are many different types of plagiarism.
Obviously, buying a term paper or essay written by someone else and attempting to use it as your own is considered plagiarism. Directly copying sentences, paragraphs, or pages of another writer’s work without crediting your source is also a concrete example of plagiarism. However, many people are unaware that plagiarism can include lesser crimes such as paraphrasing materials without correctly attributing the source text. Self-plagiarism is an issue when writers try to use similar language in more than one published work."
If I would have wrote these lines out of my own knowledge about plagiarism, then no problem. But its not possible to do everything on your own. So I search on Google for the definition of this word and found this out at
After getting quite a nice article about plagiarism, I enclosed it within inverted commas and wrote the source of this information, thus giving credits to the owner of this article. In my words, plagiarism is an intellectual theft. Also, it is not possible for everyone to evolve a different definition or description for everything, nor is it possible to do all things out of your own abilities. So, if you use someone's help, just mention the source .
And then the question arises, why avoid plagiarism? If you copy someone's else's data then the hard work of the person will be in vain. And if it happens again and again, he might stop writing and start copying other people's data. Off course, its obvious, no one would write something if someone who'll copy it will get the same benefit that he is getting. 
Why I wrote this article? To justify all cases in which I didn't provide direct download links or gave information directly and asked you to go to the some other link I have given. Off course in some cases I have given the links of websites associated with me but I have clearly mentioned the same in those case.


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