Get your name instead of start button

Yeah, you can get your name instead of "start" ,(in XP only). It is possible by modifying the explorer.exe located in Windows folder of C: Drive. To modify such files, we need a software called resource hacker. If you don't have it , download it here.

Please backup your explorer.exe IE copy (DON'T CUT) and put it in a safe place. If something goes wrong, you can overwrite the modified explorer.exe using this backed-up explorer.exe

To get your name instead of start, follow these steps:-

  1. Start Resource Hacker
  2. Open file Explorer.exe
  3. Goto String Table >37>1033{If you are using classic start -goto String Table >38 >1033 }
  4. You'll see the 578 "start", make it whatever you want (eg. "customize" ; there's no word limit)
  5. Compile and save

You are done. Logout and logon again, or restart your computer, to see the changes.

As this involves editing an important Windows file, a risk is always there, and I won't be responsible for any harm.

(Anyone can comment, even with the name "anonymous", so please don't hesitate if you have any query or suggestion)


  1. Now that someone is asking, I will tell you something about what we are doing. All that we can see in our computer is because of explorer (everything except background). When some program stops responding - we use "end now" - the explorer restarts and therefore, for some time, the icons and start menu disappears. So, it is the explorer that determines our start menu. So we make a change in explorer. The answer to his question, we have to save as "explorer.exe", so that it replaces the orignal one. But, there is another way out, you can store the file in other location and edit the registry (regedit) such that start menu loads from "our explorer" and not the orignal one. And queries, mail me at


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