Do your folders have a background pic

(Windows XP Only)
Changing the Folder background!

1.       Download the software “Background Changer”
2.       Run it
3.       You will be guided by a window (wizard) which will ask you to choose the folder background. You can select any picture file.  Also, if the Picture is dark or black in color then you can change the font color to white so that the name of files/folders is visible.
4.       Refresh (F5) or close and open the folder again and you will find that the changes have taken place.
5.       Enjoy…..

To download the software, go to this link (Download Readme file here). I couldn't find the official page for this download so I uploaded it myself. A friend of mine gave this software to me, but I don't know the origin of this software. Also, I want to thank the developer for making such a cool software, and request him to make one for Windows 7 as well.
If anybody comes to know about the owner of this software, please comment.


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