Wallpapers Of Darkness.

Here are a few HD Wallpapers for you. Click to enlarge. You get a related poem free. These are all dark wallpapers. Angel Of Darkness and Alone in the dark.

In the dark I can stand, I can breathe 
With hate running through my veins I have strength 
As the pain eats at my heart I have reason to fight
Through the sadness and anger I can understand the world 
But take me out of this hole I have dug for myself 
Show me the light and I will fall 
Remove my hate and I will remain weak 
Without my pain I have no reason to fight 
Without sadness and anger I become confused
So please I beg you leave me in this hole 
Let me be swallowed by the darkness 
So I can allow pain and hate to take over my soul 
So I can feel alive 

I tremble in darkness 
Afraid of the unseen 
Scared of what lurks in shadow. 
I yearn to be free 
Unbound from my chains 
To run through field and medow. 
Unable to move 
From this place I am in 
Will I ever be released? 
My doubt and my pain 
I hold deep inside me 
Prevent me from finding peace. 
Alone in the dark 
Trapped forever 
I wonder if here I will die. 
Falling to the ground 
I Clench both my fists 
And reach them to an unseen sky. 

Enjoy. And look at other pages on this blog for more cool and interesting wallpapers.


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