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Need the Windows 8 look, but don't feel like making a big change to your computer. Yeah, the upgrade feature lets you keep the files and install the OS without a format, but still, its takes an hour to get it up and going. What about 5mins? Just a small <50MB file download, choose a few settings and click OK. That's it? And here's your new Windows 8 PC. And for those who don't like it. Just run the program again and uninstall. 5 more minutes. That's it. Here's the Direct Download Link-
Windows 8
And here's the site address, if the link doesn't work
Theme My PC
And here's a list of features
In Case You Are Interested


  1. The theme is wonderful. Quick install, and if you don't like it, even quicker uninstall. However, a few features aren't removed by the uninstaller, and have to be removed manually. Otherwise, a great piece of software. Having the Windows 8 feeling on my Win7 PC. :)

    1. Thanks for the reply. There isn't much I can do for the uninstaller. This bug has already been reported and the developer will (maybe) fix it in the next release.

  2. Under Version 2.0
    -Added ability to offer uninstalling existing UX Pack product if can be uninstalled from Control Panel.


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