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--------------------------------------Warning : Quite A Useless Post ------------------------------------
There are millions of ways in which you can customize your PC. Recently I was looking for something very powerful and effective for my blog. I found a pack which, with the application of proper expertise, will get your PC's looks to the best possible extent. It involved replacing many system files like "explorer.exe" and many "shell.dll" kind of files. I tried it out, and my PC was looking fabulous. I was satisfied and decided to share this on my blog. I thought "Yeah! It is worth sharing to my friends and other visitors". Anyways, I left it till the next day (Thank God). Next day, when I started my PC, and after the booting had finished, I saw an error -  "explorer.exe corrupt" and "___ corrupt" (I forgot the the names of a few other files which were corrupt). I tried task manage (Alt + Ctrl + Del), only to recieve another corrupt error. I tried all advanced and professional ways, to no avail. At last, I had to restore my PC to an earlier state. So guys, if you are a customization lover too big, then you'll have to handle risks a lot. But thankfully, I, as well as everyone, clearly mention whenever any risk is involved. Also, when I used replaced explorer.exe earlier, I did make a backup copy of it. But, to use a backup, your computer has to boot and explorer.exe has to run, and it was the file that got corrupt!                                                                                                                   (Maybe Useful)


  1. It is useful for those who customize. It can help us to rescue our computer out of trouble


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